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Her dissertation was an ethnographic exploration of the relative inclusion of Puerto Rican Catholics in a southeastern Catholic diocese. Eichenberger is the coordinator for the Women’s Studies program and teaches a variety of courses, including Principles of Sociology; Race, Class, Gender; Contemporary Topics in Sociology: Hip Hop in US Culture; and Research Methods.

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in Sociology from The University of Florida with areas of specialization in race and ethnic relations, Latino Sociology, gender, and the sociology of relion.

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She enjoys working with various student organizations on campus such as the Gay Straht Alliance, and the Feminist Collective as well as collaborating with students on research such as an ongoing project of the oral histories of the Sisters of Charity.

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Other research projects include topics such as interracial dating, pedagogy, and race relations.Susan Eichenberger Ph. D. Meet The Faculty Seton Hill University

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